Dividend Policy and Payments
Dividend Policy and Payments

Once the Board of Directors has decided on annual dividend payment, it must seek approval from the shareholders’ meeting. An exception is made for interim dividend payment, which the Board can occasionally approve once profits satisfactorily accrue, after which must be reported to the next shareholders’ meeting.

Each year, OR dividend payout ratio is no less than 30% of the net income under its financial statements after deducting all provisional reserves required by law and obligations. Such payment must not exceed OR’s retained earnings, and should its financial statements show a cumulative loss in earnings OR will disregard dividend payment. The Board examines the ability to pay dividends as required by law and OR’s articles of association. To this end, OR primarily considers various factors for shareholders’ interests, including the state of the economy, performance outcomes, its financial position, cash flow, investment plans, provisions for loan repayment and compliance with loan terms or for OR’s working capital, as well as other necessities and future suitability as seen fit by the Board.

X-Date Dividend Payment Date Dividend Paid (Baht/Share) Earnings per Share Dividend Payout Ratio (%) Dividend Yield (%)
06 Sep 23 22 Sep 23 0.25 0.48 52.3% 1.9
28 Feb 22 28 Apr 23 0.15 0.00 -4,233.8% 2.1
02 Sep 22 19 Sep 22 0.35 0.87 40.3%
01 Mar 22 28 Apr 22 0.19 0.35 53.7% 1.7
08 Sep 21 23 Sep 21 0.27 0.64(1) 42.2%(2)
17 Mar 21 28 Apr 21 0.10 0.32 41.1% N/A
Note :
  • (1) Calculated from the weighted average number of common shares
  • (2) Calculated from the number of common shares of 12,000 million shares