It is our policy to pay to our shareholders an annual dividend each year of at least 30.0% of net profits for the year, after deduction for any legal reserve requirement as required under applicable law and as further determined by our board of directors. No dividend payment shall exceed our retained earnings, and we cannot pay dividends if we have an accumulated deficit in our financial statements. Our board of directors will consider our ability to pay dividends based on applicable law and our Articles of Association, and with further consideration of economic conditions, our operating results and financial position, cash flow, investment plans, our compliance with debt covenants and reserves for debt repayments, working capital and other relevant considerations as it deems necessary and appropriate.

Our board of directors may recommend annual dividends, subject to the approval of our shareholders. Our board of directors may by resolution decide to pay to our shareholders such interim dividends as appear to the directors to be justified by our profits and other considerations. Distribution of an interim dividend must be reported to the shareholders at the next shareholders’ meeting following the meeting of our board of directors approving the interim dividend.

X-Date Dividend Payment Date Dividend Paid (Baht/Share) Earnings per Share Dividend Payout Ratio (%) Dividend Yield (%) *
08 Sep 21 23 Sep 21 0.27 0.64 (1) 42.1% (2) 1.2 (3)
17 Mar 21 28 Apr 21 0.78 0.98 41.1% N/A

Note :

  1. (1) Calculated from the weighted average number of common shares
  2. (2) Calculated from the number of common shares of 12,000 million shares
  3. (3) Calculated from the share price as of June 30, 2021.